Drone-mounted MiCRO NOx Monitor


Continuous NOX measurement with a drone-mounted Instrument

The Micro NOx measurement system consists of a monitoring unit for drones and a ground control unit for calibration, maintenance and file processing. The weight of the flight module is less than 2 kg. This is achieved by a specially designed and 3D printed housing made of Polyamide 12 (PA 12) which shows a good stability, chemical resistance and low weight. The measurement method of choice is chemiluminescence which allows the detection of NOx compounds with a high sensitivity down to 1 ppb. An optimized Luminol solution is used to suppress undesirable interferences. The equation of the chemical reaction with Luminol to detect NO2 reads to:

The resulting photon with a wavelength of 425 nm is detected by a photomultiplier. Micro NOx has a measurement rate of up to 5Hz. The measurement includes a precise GPS mark, timestamp and the surrounding temperature, humidity and pressure values. The portable maintenance module, useable for field operation, can either be powered through mains or battery for up to two hours. Furthermore the module can be operated using a touch panel and the pre-installed software allows an easy calibration of the flight module and data transfer via USB.