Advancing Precision, Protecting the Planet

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Precision is our mission

In an era where precision and reliability define the boundaries of technological advancement, Aero-Laser stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence!

As a growing company in the field of specialized measuring devices, our focus remains unwavering: to develop and deliver ultra-precision instruments for the accurate measurement of analytes in gases and liquids.

Beyond measure, beyond limits

Expertise goes beyond just products at Aero-Laser: Our solutions demonstrate our competence in process engineering and technology, and reflect our enthusiasm for innovation. Every solution we offer is not only practical, but cutting-edge, based on the latest knowledge and research.

Our solutions will exceed your expectations.

Where customer vision meets precision innovation

At Aero-Laser, innovation is not just a buzzword; it is the essence of our existence. We pride ourselves on our agility and responsiveness to customer needs, enabling us to tailor our offerings to the complex demands of diverse industries. This customer-centric approach, coupled with our unparalleled after-sales support, has cemented our reputation as a trusted partner.

Advancing sustainability and safety in every sector

Our applications cover a wide range of critical sectors, including climate research, environmental monitoring, indoor air quality control and emission regulation. We enable research and industries not only to meet regulatory standards but also to redefine the benchmarks of quality and safety in their respective fields, for example:

Climate and environment: We help with climate research, keeping an eye on the environment, and checking air quality indoors and outdoors. This is important for understanding and improving the world we live in.

Industry and manufacturing: We serve industries like the pharmaceutical, building and construction, automotive sector and wood processing, helping them control emissions, improve manufacturing processes and product quality. This leads to safer, more reliable products and higher production yields.

Health and safety: Emission control of products used indoors, in buildings or in automotive settings is absolutely crucial for our health and safety! Our cutting-edge devices expertly analyze the outgassing of hazardous substances, such as formaldehydes, from built-in products with precision and accuracy.

Technology and innovation: In the semiconductor industry, our devices ensure that the water used in making computer chips is extremely pure. This is vital for creating smaller, more efficient technology.

Enhancing performance, empowering customers

Our flagship products, including the AL2021, AL4021, AL5005 and the MiCRO NOx, are at the forefront of measurement technology, offering unmatched precision in analyzing critical components such as H2O2, formaldehydes, CO and NOx in various environments. Our devices are not only technologically advanced. They also bring tremendous value to our customers by increasing process reliability, minimizing production waste and downtime and improving product quality through optimal process control! They are easy to operate, require minimal maintenance and automatic calibration, and seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, offering complete traceability, reduced operational burdens and significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Fueling the future: Pioneering purity in hydrogen for next-gen fuel cells

The imminent launch of our new device for total hydrocarbon measurement in hydrogen heralds a new chapter in fuel cell technology, promising to ensure unparalleled purity hydrogen for prolonged fuel cell lifetime.

Aero-Laser: Precision partners in shaping a safer, smarter world

Aero-Laser is more than a manufacturer of measuring devices; we are a partner in progress, driving advancements in process technology and contributing to a safer, more efficient world. Join us on this journey of precision, innovation, and success.