Precision is our Mission

Our high-precision measuring devices for determining the smallest concentrations of foreign substances in gases and liquids open the door to a more efficient and sustainable future! Whether in production, for compliance with strict quality and environmental standards or in use for environmental and climate protection - we guarantee maximum reliability and precision. Our commitment to progress and quality helps to reduce production downtime, ensure product quality and keep our planet's air and water clean.

Innovation meets precision: your needs, our solutions - measurably better.

Our team combines innovation with pragmatism and a targeted solution orientation in order to constantly advance our measuring device technology. Sound know-how in process engineering and a deep understanding of the challenges involved in measuring and processing extremely weak signals, enable us to continuously improve our products and develop new solutions. Our customers receive everything from a single source - we offer not only the hardware, but also the associated software to ensure a seamless, complete solution from a single source. Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority: our in-depth understanding of their needs, our flexibility, fast response times and our excellent customer support - including on-site support - mean that we set standards in customer satisfaction.

Our products and applications: