ARL-9000/9100 Automated Radiosonde Launchers

The Models ARL-9000 and ARL-9100 Automated Radiosonde Launchers (ARL) are low cost systems that permit unattended upper air observations. They are robust and fault-tolerant systems that automate radiosonde observations. They are compatible with a variety of commercial radiosondes. The ARL is ideal for remote locations, manpower limited operations, and mobile requirements. The ARL takes a manually intensive task and reduces it to a periodic maintenance routine. Because the ARL automates every step in the launch process it frees personnel to perform more important value-added tasks, and virtually eliminates human errors. At remote sites, it reduces exposure of personnel to hazardous and/or undesirable environmental conditions.

BILS-9400 Inflation and Launch Shelter

The Balloon Inflation and Launch Shelter (BILS) is a low cost, semi-automatic system providing a shelter for preparation and launching of radiosondes and sounding balloons for upper air observations. It is compatible with a variety of commercial radiosondes. The BILS is ideal for either ground or roof mounting. 

PTW-9500 Portable Tetheredsonde

The Model PTW-9500 Portable Tetheredsonde Winch is designed to support and control tethered balloon-borne meteorological sensors. In addition to a constant tension mode, full remote control of the powerful variable speed motor permits users to precisely control the altitude and tension of a tethered balloon radiosonde. The ATW-9500 is essentially a portable computer-controlled electronic cable winch specifically optimized for the precise control of vertically-lifted balloon payloads. As the system operates, motor current and speed is measured by the internal CPU to govern safe and proper cable payout rates.