Disposable Permeation Tubes

KIN-TEK Trace Source disposable permeation tubes are:

  • Polymer membranes about the size of a pencil containing the liquid phase of the component compound
  • Popular because they are small and convenient to use. 

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Standard Rate (SRT)
High Rate (HRT)
Extra Life (EL)

Refillable Permeation Tubes

KIN-TEK Trace Source refillable permeation tubes:

  • Have a broader concentration range than the Trace Source disposable permeation tubes.
  • Are recommended for long-term use and special applications requiring a wide range of calibration points.
  • Are available for chemicals that are not typically suitable for disposable permeation tubes such as CO, CO2, NO, methane, ethane, arsine & phosphine. 
  • Emission rate of the tube membrane is certified by the Factory
  • Most tubes are periodically returned to KIN-TEK for refill and recertification.

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LFH Liquid-filled
57S and 57H Gas-filled
57 Series Prefilled