Principle of Operation

  • Delivery of precise, adjustable, low concentration dynamically blended gas mixtures. Trace concentrations - ppmv, ppbv, pptv
  • Primary dilution of constant component vapor emission from permeation or diffusion tubes. Secondary dilution is automatically added but only if needed to bring the target concentrations to specified values    
  • Method-driven. Up to 20 points of multi-component concentration mixtures can be added to a user-named method.  

Permeation Tube Oven 

  • Six independant high thermal mass ovens with electronic PID control in vertical orientation
  • Oven temperature range (heat only):         30-150 °C
  • NIST-traceable oven temperature     
  • Oven setpoint resolution and control:         ±0.1 °C
  • Split flow mass flow controller with each oven:     10 to 200 sccm
  • Independent oven over-temperature alarms

Diluent Gas (customer-supplied)      

  • Uses inert, non-reactive, non-hazardous dry gas (nitrogen, zero air, argon, etc.) 
  • Mass flow meter subsystem is factory-calibrated in nitrogen; contact us for calibration in other type gas

Primary Dilution Mass Flow Controller     

  • Primary dilution flow rate auto-set in software as a function of target concentration
  • Standard dilution flow rate range:         0.5 to 10l/min
  • Mass flow rate accuracy:            ±1% FS     
  • Mass flow rate indication via PC computer screen (with AutoBlend software)

Secondary Dilution Mass Flow Controller     

  • Secondary dilution flow rate auto-set in software as a function of target concentration
  • Secondary dilution mass flow controller range:             0.5 to 10l/min
  • Secondary component split flow mass flow controller range:     10 to 200 sccm 
  • Mass flow rate accuracy (dilution and component flow controllers):    ±1% FS 
  • Mass flow rate indication via PC computer screen (with AutoBlend software)
  • Overall output gas stream dilution ratio with both primary and secondary dilution: 10000:1

Accepts Vapor Emissions from the Following Devices (A single oven can hold only one of the above tube types at a time)     

  • Liquid-filled disposable tubes up to 15 cm in length (maximum of 8 tubes)     
  • Liquid-filled high rate (LFH) permeation tubes (maximum of 1 tube)     
  • Factory pre-filled gas-fed permeation tubes (maximum of 1 tube)     
  • Diffusion tubes (maximum of 4 tubes)     
  • Headspace (for up to two optionally installed headspace modules only)

Standard Component Flow Path      

  • Component contacts only glass, Teflon and stainless steel     
  • Glass permeation tube holder     
  • Suitable for reactive component gases       

Optional Component Flow Path (specified at time of order)      

  • Heated output lines     
  • Stainless steel     
  • Electro-polished stainless steel     
  • Sulfinert-coated stainless steel     
  • Teflon only     
  • Teflon permeation tube holder      

Standard Modes of Operation      

  • Standby (oven venting at approx 75 to 100 cc/min flow rate)    
  • Zero (with user-specified flow rate)     
  • Span-by-concentration. Oven and headspace module split flow controllers, primary and secondary dilution flow controllers and the secondary component split flow controller are automatically set by the software in order to achieve the target concentrations       

Output Concentration Range      

  • Below 1 ppb to over 1000 ppm depending on tube emission rate and primary and secondary dilution flow rates


  • Dual headspace module option (each with 200 sccm split mass flow controller)
  • Humidified gas module option (with 10 lpm mass flow controller)       

Power Requirements (specified when ordering)      

  • 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz     
  • 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Speciality Applications (Please contact us)      

  • Special diluent (carrier) gases other than inert gases     
  • Trace moisture     
  • Chemical compatibility issues     
  • Heat tracing requirements