Sampling technology for fast screening of organic chemicals from products and raw materials.



 The μ-CTE is a uniquely fast and cost-effective quality control (QC) tool for screening the levels of volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals (VOCs and SVOCs) including formaldehyde, coming out of products and raw materials. Typical sample types include wood-based products, plastic goods, insulation materials, electronics, foods, tobacco, decorative products, flooring materials, textiles and cleaning products. Operating anywhere between ambient temperature and a maximum of 250ºC, µ-CTE units comprise either four or six sample chambers which are simultaneously swept with a controlled and constant flow of air or inert gas. 

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Front view of an ALV12 valve cluster. It is available with 8 or 12 separate input channels. The currently open valve is displayed on the front panel.

The Aero-Laser instruments AL4021 and AL2021 can be connected by a valve cluster to several gas sources, like test chambers, gas sample flasks or the Micro-Chamber µCTE. There are two versions available with 8 or 12 input ports. This allows automated measurements according to industrial standards, e.g. for formaldehyde: EN 717-1 or ASTM 6007. Each chamber is connected to the rear panel of the valve cluster by a PFA line. If measurements at elevated temperatures are planned, heated hose coupling should be used to prevent condensation of moisture inside the lines.

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