SqeezeDat – SQL-based graphic display and data logging software

SqeezeDat is a data base software based on the widely used SQL standard. It was designed to record the data of up to 8 individual Aero-Laser instruments via the RS232 interface. The data can be exported from the SQL data base to ASCII or XML format for further calculations or analysis. SqeezeDat works with all Aero-Laser trace gas monitors. Furthermore it can record data from other non Aero-Laser devices, if they are equipped with a RS232 interface and use a compatible command structure.
While recording, SqeezeDat can display graphically up to 8 parameters in separate windows (Fig. 1). For an enhanced clarity, more than one parameter can be displayed in a single window (Fig. 2).

SqeezeDat specifications

  • Reads data from up to eight individual Aero-Laser instruments via the RS232 interface
  • Displays data online while recording in a multi-window environment
  • Can display multiple parameters simultaneously within a single window for better comparison
  • Stores all or selected data in a SQL data base
  • Can be extended to non-Aero-Laser instruments, if the instruments are equipped with a RS232 interface and have a compatible serial command structure
  • Can be easily configured – configurations can be saved and restored on hard disk
  • Is extendable by plug-ins

System requirements


  • PC/laptop with MS Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP (recommended), Win7 or Win10 operation system in English or German language

  • At least 2GB of free disk space for the SQL data base

  • RS-232 serial port (or USB-to-RS232 adapter), one for each instrument

  • MS dot.net 1.1 and the current dot.net version in the same language as the operating system(3.5)

  • MS SQL server lite or higher

SqeezeDat/Valve software extension – valve sequencer

SqeezeDat /Valve is an extension to the SqeezeDat data base software for the use with an ALV08/12 valve cluster, having 8 or 12 valve ports. Additionally to the parameters of the instrument, SqeezeDat/Valve records a unique identifier for the valve port currently open. The opening intervals and the opening sequence is programmed by a valve sequencer (Fig. 3), which is part of the software package. All valves can be addressed individually and the opening times can be programmed separately for each valve. The valves can be placed in the sequence in an arbitrary order.