AL4021 Emission Cells

Surface emission cells are used for testing emissions from planar materials and coatings, in compliance with international standard methods. An emission cell provides a low cost and fast alternative to emission chambers in industrials quality control and emission limit testing. The cell is placed onto a sample in a way that the interior of the cell is sealed against the samples surface. To prevent false results, a zero trap needs to be mounted in the input line of the cell. The output of the cell is directly connected to the AL4021, so that the air flow is controlled by the in-built flow controller of the instrument. 

Setup with a surface emission cell. The cell is placed onto a planar sample of wood based material or similar, in a way that the air can flow over the surface with a constant flow rate. To prevent false results due to formaldehyde in the laboratory air, the air is scrubbed in a zero trap in the input line of the cell.

Typical data from several wood based products measured with an emission cell. The testing time is below 10 minutes for each sample.