AL2021SC Single-Channel H2O2 for Air and Water Samples

Front view of a AL2021SC H2O2 analyzer. The 1/16'' inlet in the front is used for calibration and liquid measurements.

When it is known that the only peroxide in a gaseous or liquid sample is H2O2, the single channel instrument AL2021SC is sufficient. The AL2021SC is applied in decontamination procedures, e.g. the decontamination of isolators in pharmaceutical production lines. Another application is the quality control of drinking water and of high purity water (HPW), as it is used for the production of micro-chips.

Simplified block diagram of the AL2021SC single channel analyzer.

H2O2 from the sample gas is brought into aqueous solution in a stripping coil. After stripping, the solution is forwarded to a reactor, where the enzymatic reaction takes place. The signal of the reaction product is measured by a photomultiplier.