ALV08/12/16: Valve Cluster for Multi-Chamber Measurements

The Aero-Laser instruments AL4021 and AL2021 can be connected by a valve cluster to several gas sources, like test chambers, gas sample flasks or the Micro-Chamber µCTE. There are three versions available with 8, 12 or 16 input ports. This allows automated measurements according to industrial standards, e.g. for formaldehyde: EN 717-1 or ASTM 6007. Each chamber is connected to the rear panel of the valve cluster by a PFA line. If measurements at elevated temperatures are planned, heated hose coupling should be used to prevent condensation of moisture inside the lines.




The valves can either be programmed by an extension to our data logger software SqeezeDat, the AutoSequence editor on the front panel of the gas analyzer or operated by hand. Both programs run a programmable valve sequence and store a unique valve-ID together with the acquired data. The order of valves and the individual opening times can be set freely according to the needs of the user.