ALGD2 Gas-Diluter: Gas dilution unit for extension of the measurement range


The Aero-Laser GD2 Gas-Diluter allows the extension of the measurement range of Aero-Laser instruments. A dilution of up to 1:100 is possible due to the linear dilution of the sample gas. The instrument is available with different Mass flow controller to adopt to the specific gas and the desired total gas flow. Amongst other things an automatic dilution ramp is possible by ethernet remote control of the instrument.

Front view of an AL GD2 Gas-Diluter. The active dilution and the actual gas flow of the sample gas (span) and the gas used for dilution (carrier) is shown. The instrument is controlled by a 7” touch display.

The instrument is manually controlled by a 7” touch display with a status screen displaying the actual values of the calculated dilution and the gas flows of the carrier and span gas. The configuration menu allows to set the desired percentage of dilution. The following figure shows the linearity of the gas dilution unit. It depicts a measurement using the AL 5005 CO-Analyzer. The CO gas standard was diluted by using synthetic air with identical nitrogen and oxygen concentration as the span gas.

Linear dilution of a CO gas standard achieved by the AL GD2 Gas-Diluter and measured with the AL5005 CO-analyzer. It shows a wide adjustable range of a gas standard.